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Leading you, back to you. 

I asked God to help me to understand better the world within me, the world around me, our relationship, my relationship to others, and how it all came together. The Leafe Lessons, or articulating them as so, started coming to me shortly after that in many forms, messages, and experiences. In truth, they have been coming to me my whole life. The Leafe Lessons are a litany of spiritual truths that resonate, foundational lessons for approaching everyday life and navigating challenges. 

The Leafe Lessons can help illuminate the path needed to get back to what truly matters, maintaining health & wellness, communing with Spirit, following your God in spired dreams, connecting with and expressing your authentic self. 

You can read about the Leafe Lessons in the Messages section and purchase tools that center the lessons and lead you, back to you.






I am a mother, a wife, mentor, and coach. Though my professional experience has largely been in law, and specifically criminal justice, my most significant personal gifts, contributions, and volunteer activities have centered on encouraging others to achieve their goals and dreams and offering spiritual consult. From family and friends, to friends of friends and complete strangers connecting with me on LinkedIn, I have offered guidance to help others navigate life and legal challenges, change career paths, obtain dream jobs, start a business, and in many other ways connect with their authentic selves and reach for their dreams.

I had been toying with the idea of turning my gifts into a business when I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer the same week that we started sheltering at home due to the COVID-19 virus. As I was healing from surgery and navigating radiation, I leaned into the Leafe Lessons, a collection of life’s most important messages that have sustained me in times of darkness and strife.

I created a planner and other tools to help me stay focused on the Leafe Lessons. To keep front and center the things that truly mattered to me, to lean into Divine lessons and messages, to center my every day on self-care – both physical and mental wellness, following my inspired passions and achieving my God given dreams.

I share these tools with you and hope that they will aid you as much as they have aided me.

With Love,


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